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Step inside the green bag. Get hands-on in our sandbox with other Dev Entrepreneurs including App Developers, Agency Partners, Theme Developers, and Open Source Contributors. It’s all happening in real life June 25, 2024 in Toronto.

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>_ It won't be a drag

product booths, demos, lightning talks

Meet the Team

Go deep on what’s new in Summer ’24 Edition and collab with Shopify product teams in real time.

partner talks, round tables, meetups

Community Learning

Developer-to-developer real talk with the best in the business.


f*^k around + find out

Mess with Shopify Extensions, tinker with our APIs, and get feedback to enhance your app.

Unfettered access

Grow your app

Get hands on with the latest tools from the world’s fastest growing commerce platform.

Face-to-face interactions

Workshop Big Ideas

Nothing unlocks creativity being in a room full of wildly talented builders and developers.

Meals, snacks, afterparty

Come play at our office

Mindmeld with the like-minded people who are pushing our tech to new heights.

>_ Rub Elbows

Hosted by

  • Tobi Lütke


  • Harley Finkelstein


  • Glen Coates

    VP of Product

  • Vanessa Lee

    VP of Product

  • Mani Fazeli

    VP of Product

  • Eytan Seidman

    Director of Product

  • Michael Clarke

    Director of Product

  • Andrew Bialecki

    Cofounder and CEO of Klaviyo

  • Erin Ren

    Development Manager

  • Liam Griffin

    Senior Developer Advocate

  • Elizabeth Kenyon


>_ Burning Questions


Do I need to be a Shopify partner to register?

Yes, you need an active Shopify Partner account to come to Editions.dev, and your Partner ID is required to register. Anyone who buys a ticket with an invalid Partner ID will have their ticket refunded.

Do I need to be able to code to get the full experience?

Editions.dev is a developer-first event, meant for people who build apps, themes, and custom storefronts. You’re welcome to come if you don’t code, but some of the programming (like the more technical workshops and demo talks) may not be for you.

Can I modify or cancel my registration?

Deadline for refunds is 11:59PM June 23, 2024. If you need to make changes, holler at us.

I need a visa to travel to Editions.dev. Can Shopify help?

If you need a letter of invitation for your visa application, register for Editions.dev then submit an invite letter request. Our mobility team will be in touch.

What are the accessibility options at the venue?

Our goal is to make Editions.dev accessible and welcoming for everyone. The Enercare Centre is fully accessible, and offers gender-neutral washrooms, prayer rooms, and parent rooms. Programming on the mainstage will have closed captioning. If you have other accommodation requests, reach out.

Whoa Toronto is busy in June. Where should I stay?

Airbnbs are a great option if hotels are looking $$$. Or take advantage of our conference rate at the Hilton Toronto Airport Hotel.

Any travel discounts?

Take advantage of our discounts with Delta Airlines or use Shopify’s VIA Rail Corporate Code: 15565. GO Train / UP Express discounts will also be available as we get closer to June 25.

I need a tax invoice.  How can I get this?

Please email editions.dev@shopify.com to request a tax invoice for your order.

Any more Qs?

We got you. We’ll be spinning up a partner Slack channel in the coming weeks. If you need anything before then, just reach out.